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New Home?

If you've just got the keys to your new apartment, whether you are renting in Bolton or have bought a house, then congratulations! However, please take a moment to stop and think who else may have had the keys in the past. Do you hold all the copies? Could anyone else have had a key cut? More importantly, how would you know?

Whenever you move into a new property it is a good security measure to call a professional locksmith to get the lock or cylinder changed. Even if you know the people who lived there before you, they may have lent their key to a builder or cleaner or someone else who may in turn have had a copy made for themselves.

Lock Change

Your safest bet is to get your locks changed or even upgraded. You can rely on our fast and professional lock change service. Call Bolton Locksmiths for a free price estimate and we can also advise you on other simple measures to keep your new home safer.

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